Signs of Unhealthy Makeup on Skin

See the Signs of Unhealthy Makeup on Skin!

You may not know but your skin gets to know when the makeup is unhealthy. Skin shows the signs of unhealthy makeup in different ways but we ignore them often. However, by ignoring them, we are ultimately playing with the health of our skin. So, make yourself familiar with the sings of skin disturbance so that instead of overlooking them, you become alert to replace your product.

  • If Skin Irritation is Irritating You

Often, we feel irritation in our skin but we believe that it will be fine in sometime. However, most of the times, the reason behind the irritation is associated with our beauty products. Deodorants are the main inducer of skin irritation. If you feel irritation, just check whether it is around the areas where you sprayed deo. If it is, then stop using that deo for some time to see if your skin clears.

  • Irritated Pink Eyes Tells the Saga of Infected Eye Makeup

If you feel irritation in eyes and your white eyes have turned pink, then there is surely something wrong with your eye makeup. There are chances that it has expired or it is infected. Never share your eyeliner and kajal with anyone. Also, be careful not to use testers until and unless they are one time applicator.

  • Listen To Swollen or Sick Appearing Skin

If you aren’t sick but people are asking ‘are you sick,’ then it can be fault of your makeup. Sick appearing skin is again a sign of unhealthy makeup. Never use loose powder products after 2 years and liquid products after 6 months. Besides, clean your hand while touching makeup because you may transfer germs through your touch to the product.

  • Emotional Imbalance is Another Sign

If you are experiencing fluctuation in mood, it can be because of one of your beauty products, which contains mercury. Yes, mercury has the tendency to bring mood swings. So, before getting your hands on any product, must do a little research prior buying it.

Now, when you know the signs of unhealthy makeup, I hope you won’t overlook them. Listen to your skin carefully when it cries out for your help and replace all your beauty products in doubt!


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