John Frieda Frizz Conditioner Review

John Frieda Frizz – Ease Smooth Conditioner Review!

The Temptation:
Frizz-conditioner by John Frieda is claimed to be the best formula for treating your harsh and dry frizzy hair. This conditioner nourishes each strand of your hair and making them smooth and restores your hair against roughness and prevents your curly looks. It leaves you’re your hair soft and shiny and easily manageable.
John Frieda Frizz Review
Product Quality:
It leaves your hair soft and shiny and easily manageable.

Price: $8.08

The price of this product is $9.99 but I bought it at a cheaper price on Amazon. I am happy to buy it at a valuable price.

• It is a mild conditioner that can be used daily.
• It gives you frizz-free hair that can be easily manageable.
• It gives shine to your hair.
• Hair becomes soft and detangled after using.
• It is easy to use the flip-top cap.
• This product is easily accessible.
• The consistency is smooth.
• It has got a pleasant fragrance

• As compared to other brands it is expensive.
• What I hate is that this conditioner contains sulphates and silicones.
• It does not make your hair that silky that you actually look for.

My Suggestion:
I am sharing with you all that my hair is short and curls from its ends. I just love my curl locks but sometimes due to split ends it becomes frizzy and it is a mess for me to solve it out.

Right now I am using dove range of products for treating dryness of hair. I am very choosy about my hair…so that’s why I don’t use other bran other than Dove.

On researching the net I found this brand range at at an online portal and believe me it’s really got high rating points. So I thought of buying this hair care product just to give a small experiment.

After using John Frieda Frizz my hair became soft and silk. There are no split-ends now. I am happy that my hair gets less frizzy now at present and I could see a remarkable difference.

Usually I don’t prefer conditioner for my hair as it makes it oily and also leads to hair fall. The consistency of this product is thick.

My hair doesn’t tangle anymore and after conditioning my hair is in a good condition. I mean to say it’s easy to manage now. This is the best hair product I have used by so far.

Overall, I can say that finally I got some good conditioner for my hair. John Frieda Frizz conditioner is really an valuable one because it cleanses my hair and leaves it silky and soft. It also repairs frizzy hair.

The best part I like is that my hair is soft and shiny even I didn’t’ wash my hair for 3- 4 days. I am in love with this!

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